Mr. Comey (for the FBI) recently made the statement concerning the Weinergate emails, that nothing will be done towards Hillary (as before). Of course this is “surprising” that the FBI could meticulously review 650,000 emails in 9 days, when it took them over 6 months to review Hillary’s original 30,000 emails.


We may suspect that the Obama administration and the DOJ pressured Mr. Comey to be done with this before the election.

I know most conservatives were pissed off at Mr. Comey (again), but CONSIDER THERE MAY BE ANOTHER VERY INTERESTING PERSPECTIVE.

Keep this in mind. What they may not realize is THEY DID US A BIG FAVOR!

If they would’ve left it “as is” or issued a statement with charges, Obama could’ve issued an absolute pardon for Hillary and killed the prosecution she rightfully deserves.

For now we have nothing. Which means we have EVERYTHING.

For now it’s done, but never closed. A pardon would’ve killed it flat out. But with NO charges pending gives Obama nothing to pardon.

Therefore, when Trump takes office, he can reopen the case and can move forward with charges without a pardon from Obama.

THIS IS GREAT!  Mr. Comey just took Obama’s “ace in the hole” out of his hand.