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First, let’s start with the Bad News.

A simple question: “Can Diebold Optical Scan Paper Ballot Counting machines be hacked by the Memory Card?” After watching the Facebook Video:

The answer is “YES”.

When the TV series Scandal, debuted years ago, they touted this very tactic of rigging Electronic Voting machines in Ohio to steal the election for President Grant.  As scenes unfold we found out that the only “proof” that could derail the rigged election was an Electronic Key Card/Memory Card that they’d kill to get back before being exposed.

Well, as a programmer for over 30 years, I must say that while that plot makes for good TV drama, the level of their deception could’ve been programmed even better so that NO ONE would have been the wiser.

As the expert, in the above video, showed with just a Memory Card, designed to only record the final votes, that he could write additional software on that Card.  Software, when initiated by just inserting or accessing the Card, could take over the Voting machine.  In the same fashion as hackers have been able to take over computers by simply opening phishing (attack) emails which download “Trojan” programs.

Depending upon the skill set of the Voting machine hackers, these Trojan programs could not only change the Vote Count Results, but also, mask themselves as long as they reside on the machine to avoid detection.  Then, when finished, whether by reaching the end of Voting by date (i.e., November 9th) or by Removing the card, the program could easily include the code to become “self-erasing”.  Not erasing the “NEW” results.  Erasing the Trojan programs and every trace of their existence.

Along with the hackable Diebold Optical Scan Paper Ballot Counting Systems, many, if not all other Voting machines, most likely have vulnerabilities that can be hacked.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this video with Mr. Curtis, who is such a Programmer, when he Testified Under Oath that he coded Computers to Rig Elections, as far back as October, 2000:

Now, as it’s being brought to light more and more each day how Voting machines are “automatically” changing votes from Trump to Clinton in Texas, it shows how serious this situation has become.  A good note on the Texas hacking is at least those particular votes were able to be seen, BUT ONLY for those who were double checking.

And with the revelation that there are Smartmatic brand Soros-Linked Voting Machines now being used in 16 states, this should raise the Red Flag Alert Level to Defcon 1. Smartmatic is NOT on a list of federally certified providers for election systems and officials in several states have contested that their equipment came from Smartmatic. So why, then, is Smartmatic bragging about providing over 50,000 voting machines for U.S. elections?  Do they know something about those Programmed machines that we don’t?

Are these just a few isolated cases?  Probably not.  But even if true, then those isolated Votes were stolen from those Good People trusting our Electoral Process.

But what if this is wide-spread?  Look at the corruption that’s been exposed about Hillary, Soros, the Media and the Left who are willing do anything to win to maintain Power and Control.

Can we trust without verification?  The answer is “NO”.

So now, what can we do about this problem for the upcoming election?

Simply, have everyone DEMAND Paper Ballots at their Election Polling location.


And under FEDERAL LAW the Polling place MUST provide one for you.

Yes, it’s a bit more work on your part.  Yes, it’ll take a bit longer to Vote.

But Last, is it enough to just DEMAND Paper Ballots? 

                        No!!!         Why???

Simply, because if Election officials use any type of Electronic Scanner or other Electronic Voting/Polling type machine to read those Paper Ballots, as we saw in the first video, we once again open our Votes to become Stolen Results.

Therefore, we need to not only go back to Hard Paper Ballots, but also go back to Manual Counting of those Ballots with multiple Third-Party Verification.

Yes, it’ll take more time to count the votes.  Maybe we won’t know who won for days.

 But keeping deception and corruption out of our Elections will be worth it!


*** Some have been recommending that all Trump Voters wear Red Shirts or Red Hats standing in line on Election Day so all will know who’s Voting Trump ***

So let’s Start the “Red-Clothing Paper-Ballot Voting-Day Movement”