Editorial Note:

As you can read in my other blog posts, I’m totally for Trump.  If someone thinks this post is anything other than positive, then you haven’t encompassed it’s totality.

As much as I’d rather only just say positive things, sometimes we need a “swift kick in the pants” to get us back on track. This is meant to be that kick.


Donald, you really need to hear this and take it to heart.

Donald, for as Smart as you are, you can get #SideTrack’ed on the #StupidTrain sometimes.  At that time, you seem to act like an immature school boy caught up in arguing “my dad can beat up your dad”.  Then, instead of letting go and moving on, You Dig In Your Heels and Double-Down. If you were 10 years old, maybe that’d be ok (for a short moment), but for the grown intelligent man you are, it’s BULL.  Unfortunately, for you and us, the Liberals have figured out that this is your Achilles’ Heel.

When the #TrumpTrain is on Track, Relentlessly Prosecuting Hillary’s Corruption and Lies, Pounding on Policy Differences, and Illuminating How we can Make America Great Again, it’s unstoppable.

So what happens?  Liberals realize that they might lose if they don’t get you #SideTrack’ed. So they work hard to move it from being the #TrumpTrain to the #StupidTrain.  And knowing your Achilles’ Heel, they (unfortunately) Play you like the Fool. It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest distraction, accusation, and/or tape from #TeamHillary.

But even #MoreStupid, is when you do it to yourself, such as in the current GOP infighting.  I don’t care what they did to you – forget it – it’s a distraction from the Goal.

It’s time to recognize your own Achilles’ Heel, tell yourself “NO” and get off the #StupidTrain. It’s time to focus on the end goal, get on the Right Train Tracks and stay on the #TrumpTrain all the way to the White House.

As some have already mentioned, let your surrogates fight those other subjects for you.  If you do need to address any of these subjects, then use the post:

The “15 Second Thank You Pivot and Turn” – Win Strategy


Postscript: “Tweeting”  and “Social Media”

Yes, I agree with you that Social Media can be a great communication tool to get your ideas out to millions quickly and for free.  In that regard, it can be wonderful.

But, remembering your own weaknesses, quit using it for your Achilles’ Heel “lash out” sessions.  You MUST Stop All such BULL.  This MUST be a 100% commitment on your part, without exception, for the next 27 days.

Instead, use your Tweets and/or other Social Media to Prosecute Hillary and Pound on Policy Differences.

Think of the Power you could wield if you Tweeted on Each and Every New Revelation currently being handed to us by Wikileaks.  That should keep your Tweeting inclination busy with what it takes to WIN.