If we’re honest, I’ll bet we’ve ALL said a few stupid things that we wish we never said. 

And I’d bet that we’re glad that most of us didn’t have someone (non-consensually) recording us to bring out and embarrass us later.

Yes, Trump, being a human made such a mistake 11 years ago.  Was it “locker room banter”?  Was it “man bragging baloney”?  What it was, was a private conversation. What it was, was stupid.

But beyond stupid words, it was NOT stupid actions, like his counterpart has repeatedly done for over 30 years.

After the (non-consensual) recording was brought to light, Trump IMMEDIATELY apologized.

Has his counterpart apologized for anything?  How about killing 4 men at Benghazi?  How about for all her lying and corruption?  How about for Pay-for-Play?  How about for helping to start and promote ISIS?  How about for trying to destroy the women that rightfully accused Bill of all his sexual assaults?

IT’S TIME TO LET THESE WORDS GO.  “Sticks and Stones…”