The other day we heard Dem pundits and strategists on talk shows defending the Clinton Foundation Pay-for-Pay as a “nothing burger”. “Nothing to see here”, time to just move on.

One stated that (maybe) (ONLY) 54 meetings were (possibly) setup via Clinton Foundation for contributors to gain access to the State Department. “And that’s a ‘nothing number’ compared to the 1,000 plus meetings that Secretary Clinton did in her normal daily course of business during the same tenure.”  “Nothing illegal to see here.”

Wow, that almost sounds convincing!?!?!  Right?!?!?

Even though we know better, by now, let’s except that is was ONLY 54.

But since most of us don’t understand the gravity of these actions, let’s consider a practical analogy we can all wrap our heads around.

Let’s say that Hillary’s job, instead of being Secretary of State, one of the Most Powerful and Trusted positions in US Government, was JUST an Inspector over US Banking Institutions.

And, during her ‘New’ job (over 4 yrs) she inspected over 1,000 Banks, and for the most part, did a good job.

Yet, during that time, when no one was looking, she “ONLY” robbed 54 out of those 1,000 Banks.

So according to the Dem pundits and strategists, we’re supposed to Congratulate her that she ONLY robbed 54!!!  (That’s a “nothing burger”.  That’s a very small percent.)

[Editorial Note: I doubt many of the most famous bank robbers, that ever lived, robbed 54 Banks in their lifetime.]

Now, it’s time to get back to the Truth:  Robbing ONE (1) BANK, IS WITHOUT QUESTION, ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL and should be Prosecuted!!!

Therefore, engaging in ONLY ONE (1) Pay-for-Pay Abuse of Power is ILLEGAL and should be Prosecuted!!!  Let alone 54!!!

It’s time for Hillary to get the opportunity to wear her Orange Pant (jump) Suit full-time!