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Let’s review the Truth about ‪#‎ThePolls.  ‪#‎ThePolls are typically overseen and controlled by the LIBERAL Mainstream Media and/or similar UNREGULATED Organizations.  Why should we believe their published results would be Fair and Unbiased?  Why do we believe that they would Not Stack the DeckWHY ARE WE SO GULLIBLE to BELIEVE WHAT ‪#‎ThePolls SAY?!

Since when does polling a thousand people, or so, give an accurate view of what 330 million Americans believe or how we’d vote?  When over numerous years, have the Poll takers called me, my family, my friends, or the other 329+ million others waiting by the phone?  None, that I know of.  Who gets to decide that the thousand people, “they” determined to call, are a TRUE REPRESENTATION of the rest of us?  ‪#‎ThePundits?!  ‪#‎TheMedia?!

Those Polls are ‪#‎ThePundits’ and ‪#‎TheMedia’s manipulations to “‪Wag The Dog”.  If enough people say a lie long enough, and no one (actually) stops them, then eventually the lie becomes “the truth”. Obama and #Hillary have ‪‎Proven This Theorem, repeatedly, with great success.


So how do we determine the Truth, short of actually polling all voting adults of the 330 million Americans on a weekly basis?


Then the next question is:  How do we do this in Real Time?  By simply counting how many Americans come out to #Trump and #Hillary Rallies each week. Simply, do a #CompareAndContrast and those numbers become the NEW and ACCURATE #RallyPolls.

Since we can agree that no one will call 330 million Americans every week, and TRUSTING ‪#‎ThePundits and ‪#‎TheMedia is NOT A VIABLE OPTION, then #RallyPolls will give US a much more Accurate Representation.

This would make it a FAIR and LEVEL playing field.

How many #Hillary Supporters show up at her Rallies?  #CompareAndContrast that to how many #Trump Supporters show up at his Rallies.

Let’s discuss the OBVIOUS REASON why #Hillary, ‪#‎ThePundits and ‪#‎TheMedia would NOT like this idea.

#Hillary Rallies are SMALL:  typically having 150 people on a Small day to maybe 1 thousand on a Big day.

#Trump Rallies are LARGE:  typically having 10 to 15 thousand people on a Small day to maybe 30 or 40 thousand on a Big day.

Let’s #CompareAndContrast and get some #RallyPolls Results:

On a Small day:  #CompareAndContrast 10 thousand people for #Trump versus 150 people for #Hillary.  The Poll Results: #Trump has 98.5% versus #Hillary has 1.5%.

On a Large day:  #CompareAndContrast 40 thousand people for #Trump versus 1 thousand people for #Hillary.  The Poll Results: #Trump has 97.6% versus #Hillary has 2.4%.

It’s no wonder why #Hillary, ‪#‎ThePundits and ‪#‎TheMedia would NOT like this idea.

But it’s Fair.  Period.

Besides they still have almost 3 months to get a better showing at #Hillary Rallies!!!

Game On!!!